Before hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney it is important to ask a few questions to ensure that you are hiring an attorney that is not only experienced in handling your case, but also so that you know what to expect when working with the attorney. Many attorneys will meet with you for the initial consultation, and then they hand your case over to a Junior Partner in the Law Firm, or at times you may be working with a Paralegal.


Also some attorneys practice more than one type of law. You’ll want to consider whether or not you want to hire an attorney who limits his practice to Criminal Defense Law or an attorney that handles, Criminal Defense case, Divorce cases, Personal Injury cases, Family Law cases, and any other type of legal cases.


When you’re in a situation whereby you need to hire a Criminal Defense Attorney, time is of the essence. However, you still want to find the best attorney to represent you, take the time to ask questions before making your final decision.


Below are the top five questions you should ask an attorney to help you make the decision about which attorney you should hire.


If possible, you should provide the attorney with items to assess your case, such as:


  • Court documents that show the charges and future court dates
  • Bail papers
  • Any paperwork the police gave you
  • A copy of the police report


  1. Is your law practice devoted to Criminal Defense? Have you handled cases like mine before, and if so, what percentage of your practice is in representing clients with similar charges?
  2. Will you be handling my case, or will someone else in your law practice be handling my case? Will you be personally representing me in court, or will that responsibility go to someone else? If someone else is handling my case, are they less experienced than you are? Who are they and what is their experience?
  3. If I have questions about my case, how will I reach you. Will you personally respond to my phone call, if I request to speak with you? Will you keep me informed about my case? How will you communicate with me?
  4. What are the possible outcomes for a case like mine? What are my legal options? Can you give me a brief overview of your strategy for my case?
  5. What are your fees, do you charge a flat fee or an hourly rate? If you charge a flat fee, what is the amount and what does it include, what doesn’t the flat fee include? Do you require a retainer? If you have a junior partner or paralegal work on my case, am I still paying your hourly rate or do you charge different hourly rates for their services? Can you give me an estimate of other expenses I will have to pay in addition to your fee?


After interviewing prospective attorneys its time to ask yourself a few questions:


  • Which attorney has the experience I need?
  • Which attorney offered the most helpful advice?
  • Which attorney made me feel most comfortable?
  • Which attorney had legal fees that I could afford?


The answers to these questions should help you decide which attorney is the best Criminal Defense Attorney to represent you.


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